Baby Product Review: Tula Baby Carrier


The Tula infant bearer is the most recent in our infant wearing stockpile yet I’m constrained to give an audit of it first before the others. As though I haven’t done 2 earlier blog entries about it effectively (here and here)…can’t you educate I’m so energized regarding this one?

All things considered, what do you know? At the point when Z hit the 15-lb. stamp, oh joy did my back hurt! Beyond any doubt I could wear her for 60 minutes in it. Be that as it may, the minute I took it off, I was in so much agony. I explored a bit to check whether I was wearing her wrong or whether IT IS JUST ME who’s not as solid. What I found is that (1) I truly don’t have solid back muscles and (2) there truly are mommas who move from slings or half breeds to SSC’s or delicate organized transporters once their child gets heavier. I figure I would be one of them.

At first I would not generally like to need to purchase ANOTHER transporter. All things considered, the mounting expenses would soon likely be more costly than the stroller we at first purchased – to convey the infant. Be that as it may, I’ve seen the distinction child wearing makes and the undeniable advantages. To the extent our experience goes, regardless of the possibility that we carry the stroller with us, despite everything I wind up wearing Z 95% of the time! Yet, when we’re shopping, the stroller is still awesome for conveying the sacks! :p

Why the Tula


In the same way as other Filipino mothers, I’ve never at any point knew about the Tula until a couple of months back! In my mind I was sooo keen on getting a hip seat transporter as it looked sufficiently simple however I was still second getting it so I inquired about additional. From most online surveys I’ve perused, it appears that the hip seat they were utilizing were supported by the organization so I thought there may be some predisposition with their audit. I likewise checked child wearing gatherings on Facebook and the main individual who said she claimed it was at that point offering. So the absence of non-supported audits and my own particular vulnerability made me timid far from this item.

I additionally had my eyes set on getting an Ergo. It was, all things considered, exceedingly accessible in all SM Baby Company stores and appeared to be the SSC standard. In any case, a few mothers who have utilized it have remarked that it might be effectively outgrown. Now and then even before child hits the 1 year point! See Georgia of Documenting Delight’s blog entry about their Ergo to Tula understanding here.

I think most child wearing-in-SSC-mothers would love the Tula (don’t you as of now?) particularly in light of the fact that it is FUTURE-PROOF. It has more extensive boards than most different transporters consequently it can bolster you and your child well into little child hood, while keeping up the right “M” leg and bum position. Beside that, the back board is likewise somewhat taller than the others which ought to help you be more agreeable particularly in the event that you tyke is a ‘leaner’. Should you wind up between sizes (between Standard Baby and Toddler), there is likewise the Free to Grow augmentation boards. See The Portable Baby’s correlation graph of various transporters to know the elements of the distinctive bearers.

What’s more, and. Have you seen their prints? They truly are only a portion of the best ones out there. Truly, I abstain from doing a reversal to their website…I may be enticed with a wrap transformation (WC) carrier…oh the truly little wrappeys!!! Well if cash was no question (I question, haha) and I’d meet all requirements for the opportunity to purchase a WC, I most certainly would..and joyfully I would include.

It is by a wide margin no place close moderate however it pays for itself later on. Furthermore, that is not only a business ploy I utilized on my better half! Hah! Why do I say that? Initially is that I can utilize it for more. The Tula Baby (Standard) Carrier can be utilized something like 45 lbs, with the allowed to-develop expansion, it is basically changed over into a Tula Toddler Carrier! In any case, take note of that the genuine Toddler transporter will convey up to 50 lbs. Second, and this is the thing that I discovered hard to do in my different transporters, is that I can breastfeed well in the Tula (see picture underneath)! Third is it is truly ergonomic – not any more back and bear torments for me or if nothing else I haven’t saw any yet! I feel that infant’s weight is truly upheld particularly with the width and thickness of the cushioning. Fourth – I can really do tasks while infant wearing! Also, as most child wearing mothers can confirm, it diverts our children no end. I could look for perishables (alone!), cook prepare and wash dishes (child was worn on my back). I could work out (strolling just) and even go to our Sunday Mass with infant in the Tula! What’s more, fathers, now you get the chance to partake in the child wearing experience!